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Enjoy more of your home with beautiful, functional outdoor spaces.


Our last house renovation project included the addition of a patio and plantings to provide a relaxing outdoor area.  We saved the best for last!  Ream Design came to the rescue by creating a vision for our space that complemented the country surroundings of orchards, rock walls and a vintage New England house.  The vision became reality when Alex and Marcus arrived.  Their personal installation and supervision of the project was a delightful experience.  Both delivered professional expertise to the client and the project.  The subcontractors were equally skilled and efficient.  Every step in the patio and landscaping installation was well executed and completed in a timely manner.  We thoroughly enjoyed the attention and knowledge Sally, Marcus, and Alex gave us.  We highly recommend the “Ream Team” to anyone in need of a design vision and execution to enhance their home.

- Karla & Marty V.


Make your dreams a reality with expert help from Ream Design.

Your home is more than just a piece of property. It is your corner of the world. For more than 20 years, Ream Design has been helping homeowners realize the full potential of their outdoor spaces.

We specialize in artistic design, and comprehensive construction and installation. From solving specific issues to designing completely new entrances, gardens, and outdoor living spaces, we have the experience, skill, and vision to deliver solutions that will enhance your daily life.