Collaboration. Communication. Follow-through.

From planning and design to permitting and building...we’ve got you covered.

People often say that the journey is as important as the destination. At Ream Design, we can relate. It’s why we take such care with how we work. Over several decades, we’ve refined our process to provide end- to-end support, which keeps everyone informed, and ensures smooth sailing from start to finish.

We’re able to identify potential issues long before they become problems, because we know which questions to ask and where we’re likely to run into roadblocks.

Our goal is to provide a worry-free experience because we want our clients to focus on the fun stuff. We take care of the logistics and other details.



From the initial call to the end of the project, we practice good listening. Our collaborative, consultative approach is all about sharing ideas, solving problems, and creating alignment between the vision and final product.



The design phase is when we bring ideas to life and explore all the possibilities. Starting with an initial schematic sketch, design documents evolve over the course of a project, becoming more detailed as the design is refined.



From the design documents, we develop a formal construction proposal that provides a road- map for the entire project.  This document includes key information on specifications, materials, budget, schedule, permits, and more. No detail is overlooked.



Our build process is designed to minimize disruptions and maximize ease and convenience. We manage, coordinate, and superintend all aspects of construction, from permitting to site layout, plant and material deliveries, and more. We make sure that everyone is informed and on the same page.



We are committed to high levels of care and expertise as your landscape grows. Upon the completion of a project, we continue to provide services. From property maintenance to plant care and fine gardening we ensure that your landscape remains beautiful and healthy long after the initial installation.

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